10/12/09 – A Dougherty county case involving Child Molestation was dismissed prior to arrest! A female student accused a teacher of inappropriate sexual behavior. He wisely hired us even before his arrest. Witnesses were interviewed and it became apparent that the victim had ulterior motives and had made up the incident. We immediately fired off a hailstorm of open records requests and other preliminary measures to let law enforcement know we were ready to fight the case. The case was dismissed soon after.

10/9/09 – A Lee County case involving VGCSA was dismissed!

10/9/09 – A Tift County Defendant charged with Malice Murder, 2 counts of Felony Murder, Armed Robbery, and Burglary was acquitted after a 5 day trial. The Defendant was accused, along with 3 others, with the death of a victim during an armed robbery in the victim’s home. There was no physical evidence linking our client with the crime. Two witnesses who talked with the actual robbers shortly before the crime, exonerated our client by saying he was not part of the group they talked with and had not been in the area around that time. However, we knew that the prosecutor planned on having two of the people, who already pled guilty to the crime (the shooter and an accomplice), take the stand against our client. What the prosecutor didn’t know was that they were not going to go through with making up the story they expected. They also didn’t count on the fact that we were going to put a spotlight on the interview with the accomplice. This was a GBI case, but in this particular interview (although there were over 50), the Sheriff decided to step in. Without video or audio recording, the Sheriff was able to obtain a new statement from the accomplice, naming our client as a suspect for the first time. We suspected that the Sheriff was still ill about a previous case we won for this same client, and believed this to be retaliation. As an added surprise, it was discovered during trial that not only did the Sheriff try to downplay his knowledge of our client and the last case, but the Sheriff actually had a personal relationship with the accomplice he conducted the interview with. This combined with testimony from the shooter that the Sheriff had threatened him with taking away his plea deal and sending him to prison for life the night prior to his day to take the stand and testify, backed our suspicions. In the end, the shooter still said our client was not there, and after a short two-hour deliberation, the jury agreed.

6/17/09 – A Sumter county case involving Obstruction, VGCSA Marijuana, and Firearm During a Crime was dismissed based on a Speedy Trial Demand!

3/11/09 – A Terrell county case involving Theft was dismissed based on us winning the Revocation Hearing!

1/28/09 – A Tift county case involving VGCSA Cocaine was dismissed based on a Speedy Trial Demand!

1/9/09 – A Dougherty defendant charged with Aggravated Assault and Entering an Auto had the case dismissed because we won the revocation hearing and the prosecutor decided not to go any further!

1/8/09 – A Tift county case involving VGCSA and Obstruction was dismissed based on a Speedy Trial Demand!

1/8/09 – A Tift county case involving Aggravated Assault was dismissed based on a Speedy Trial Demand!