11/28/12 – A Turner county case involving Burglary was dismissed after we held a meeting with the prosecution. Defendant was charged with burglary because the prosecution believed he and another person broke into a business and took metal to sell as scrap. We meet with the prosecution after reviewing the video evidence and made a case that neither of the persons on the video were the defendant. Due to the fact that there were no witnesses or other evidence to connect Defendant to the burglary, the prosecution conceded and dismissed the case.

11/4/12 – A Colquitt county case involving Probation Violation was dismissed after we started working the case. Defendant was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana and associated charges. Because of the new charges, the probation officer was considering revoking the probation. Once we appeared on the case, the probation officer decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

5/9/12 – A Dougherty county case involving Obstruction was dismissed after we filed a Motion to Dismiss. A warrant was issued for the Defendant’s arrest on the grounds of Obstruction. The Defendant was not arrested as she was serving in the military overseas. When the Defendant was due to come back to South Georgia, she became concerned that she may be arrested, so she hired us to keep the case from interfering with her military career. After researching the history of the case, we discovered the prosecution had failed to formally accuse her of the charge within the proscribed Statute of Limitations. We promptly filed a Motion to Dismiss to end the case.

2/9/12 – A Bibb county case involving Terroristic Threats was dismissed after we started working the case. After being hired to handle the case, the prosecution ceased moving the case forward.

1/9/12 – A Tift county case involving Possession of Cocaine was dismissed after we filed a Motion to Dismiss. After being hired to handle the case, the prosecution had failed to bring the defendant to trial within a reasonable amount of time.