A Crisp county case involving Forgery was dismissed after we won a mistrial

The Defendant had been a victim in an internet check writing scam but the police and DA decided to prosecute her in order to collect the lost money for the bank. The case was previously taken to trial and we won a mistrial. The DA initially refused to drop the case and continued to prosecute the case. It was placed on a new trial calendar at a later date. Meanwhile, we contacted the jurors who advised us that the vote at the previous trial was 10 to acquit and 2 for conviction. We were advised by various jurors that the 2 holdouts for a conviction were just being unreasonable and not listening to the evidence. Therefore, we were confident we could win an acquittal at the next trial. When we appeared at the calendar call, we announced that since the previous vote was 10 to 2 for acquittal, we were more than ready for a second trial. The DA’s office, which was apparently unaware of the actual vote at the prior trial, subsequently dismissed the case without a trial.