A Dougherty county case involving Armed Robbery was dismissed after we obtained proof the Defendant did not commit the crime

After an armed robbery was committed in which the victim was murdered, the police went to talk to someone in the jail that they believed had information about the case. After giving him the impression that if he gave them some names, they would let him go home, he gave them the Defendant’s name. The police then arrested the Defendant. When we talked with the accuser, we discovered that he only gave them the Defendant’s name because he did not like the Defendant and thought by giving the police the Defendant’s name, he would get a free pass home. When he did not get to go home, he was willing to tell the truth about making up the name. After we got a sworn affidavit to all of this, we set a hearing to put it in front of the judge. When it came out that the original story that the Defendant was involved was a lie, the DA dismissed the case.