A Dougherty county case involving Elder Abuse was dismissed after we filed a Constitutional Demand for Speedy Trial

The Defendant was accused and arrested for Elder Abuse of his mother. The evidence against him was weak and mostly amounted to the fact that his elderly mother (who was not even in his care) was of extremely ill health with severe bed sores when he took her to the hospital for help. The state initially sat on the case to see if they could bring murder charges against him but then just began to drag their feet. Confident we could win at trial, we kept pushing for trial, but the state would not bring the Defendant to trial. We filed a Constitutional Demand for Speedy trial and then set numerous hearings spanning several years in an attempt to get the case tried or dismissed. At one point, the trial court denied the Motion to Dismiss and we appealed to the Court of Appeals, which reversed the judgment. After another year and more hearings, the trial
court dismissed the charges!