A Dougherty county case involving Rape was dismissed after we prepared the case for trial

The defendant was arrested along with another individual for raping an underage girl. He was facing 25 to life. Our investigation revealed that the girl could not be telling the truth. For instance, the location where she claimed she was raped was in plain view of a busy road and the brush was such that she would have had cuts and abrasions which she did not. The defendant, who was also a minor, did have consensual sex with the girl, but did not rape her. Because we knew she was not truthful, we advised our client to turn down the plea offers made by the prosecution and insist on going to trial. When faced with actually having to testify to a lie, the girl finally broke down and admitted the truth. The state dismissed the rape charges in Superior Court and transferred the case to Juvenile Court for determination of whether he should be punished as a juvenile for having had consensual sex.