Worth defendant charged with Sexual Battery acquitted after 2 day trial

The Defendant was charged with sexual battery for allegedly groping a waitress at a restaurant. At trial, the Defendant testified that although he did touch the waitress on her leg, he did not grope her. We argued to the jury that he believed that he had her consent to touch her on the leg based on years of friendly interaction and banter at the restaurant. We used frame by frame display of the security camera from the restaurant to show the jury that after he placed his hand on the back of her knee, she took two steps towards him and then leaned up against him with her arm across his back. We argued that kind of behavior would cause anyone to believe it was alright to touch her on her leg and then got the court to instruct the jury that if someone does an act under the mistaken belief that they had permission to do so, it is not a crime. At the conclusion of the trial, it only took the jury less than 30 minutes to find the Defendant Not Guilty!