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Dougherty Armed Robbery defendant acquitted after 3 day trial

The Defendant was charged along with two other individuals with robbing a man at gunpoint outside of a local bank. One defendant had already gone to trial and was convicted. At this trial, the victim, suddenly and unexpectedly, for the first time identified the Defendant as the one who took the money at gunpoint. He stated the other two were never left the getaway car. We countered with an alibi witness who placed the Defendant at his house at the time of the robbery. We also presented a rebuttal witness to prove the victim lied when he claimed he did not know the Defendant. At the conclusion of the trial, it only took the jury about 15 minutes to find the Defendant Not Guilty!

Turner county defendant accused of Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute acquitted after 2 day trial

The police saw the Defendant who had an active warrant and gave chase after he ran on foot. After they caught the Defendant, they retraced his steps and found a bag of marijuana near where he had been. No officer saw him touch the marijuana nor make any movements which would indicate he was hiding marijuana. He was just near where it was found. The Defendant was arrested and charged with possessing the drugs with the intent to distribute them. At trial, we pointed out all the discrepancies between the officer’s statements and said there was no evidence he possessed the drugs. The entire case rested on the state wanting the jury to assume the drugs were his and assumptions are not enough. The jury agreed and acquitted him after deliberating for less than 20 minutes.

Dougherty county Murder case dismissed after we filed a Demand for Speedy Trial

The Defendant was arrested along with others for the murder of an individual that was shooting at them. After investigating the case it was determined that he shot in self-defense after the “victim” and his friends began shooting at the Defendant and his friends. Since it is not a crime to defend yourself, we argued that the Defendant was actually the victim and the decedent was the perpetrator. Realizing the state could not disprove our claim of self-defense, we filed a Demand for Speedy Trial and the court immediately placed the case on the docket. With insufficient evidence to proceed and the case being forced to trial, the state moved to dismiss the case. After 2 days of hearings where we had to prove to the court that the case should be dismissed against our client, the court finally granted the state’s request to dismiss all charges against the Defendant and 2 of his co-defendants. Five more co-defendants remain in the case and are awaiting trial.

A Sumter county case involving Possession of Contraband by Inmate was dismissed after we Investigated the Case

The Defendant was arrested for possession marijuana while an inmate in prison. After 4 years of nothing happening in his case, the Defendant hired us. We investigated the case and discovered that the prison’s administrative disciplinary procedures against the Defendant had been dismissed back in 2013, but the reason for the dismissal had been accidentally deleted from the form provided to the State and us. When we pointed this out to the DA, along with the fact that the Defendant spent another 2 years in prison after his arrest date without incident and had been on parole since then without any problems, the DA dismissed the case.