Dougherty county Murder case dismissed after we filed a Demand for Speedy Trial

The Defendant was arrested along with others for the murder of an individual that was shooting at them. After investigating the case it was determined that he shot in self-defense after the “victim” and his friends began shooting at the Defendant and his friends. Since it is not a crime to defend yourself, we argued that the Defendant was actually the victim and the decedent was the perpetrator. Realizing the state could not disprove our claim of self-defense, we filed a Demand for Speedy Trial and the court immediately placed the case on the docket. With insufficient evidence to proceed and the case being forced to trial, the state moved to dismiss the case. After 2 days of hearings where we had to prove to the court that the case should be dismissed against our client, the court finally granted the state‚Äôs request to dismiss all charges against the Defendant and 2 of his co-defendants. Five more co-defendants remain in the case and are awaiting trial.